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Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services Helping Victims Of Crime

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Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services Helping Victims Of Crime

Applications Open For $3.2-Million Victim Safety Project Grants

Ministry of the Attorney General

Victims of crime in Ontario will be better served in their communities thanks to $3.2 million in Victim Safety Project funding.

The Victim Safety Project is a two-year, $4.5-million joint initiative between the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services and the Ministry of the Attorney General.

Grants are available to municipal and First Nations police services and Ontario Provincial Police municipal contract locations who partner with not-for-profit, community-based victim service agencies. These organizations include sexual assault centres and referral services focusing on violence against women and victim crisis assistance.

Proposals must be submitted no later than September 16, 2008. The proposals need to show how the organization will improve victims' safety through better monitoring of high-risk offenders and more effective notification to victims.

Quick Facts

  • Ontario announced funding for eight projects earlier this year, totalling $875,000.
  • Funding has also been earmarked for a training symposium to ensure police services, Crown attorneys and victim service agencies receive information on victim safety and victim notification.
  • Females are at increased risk of sexual assault, stalking by intimate partners, serious spousal assaults and spousal homicide. Males are more vulnerable to sexual offences when they are under 12-years-old.
  • Studies estimate the economic costs of violent crime to the health-care system, criminal justice, social services and in lost productivity to be in the billions of dollars.

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“The Victim Safety Project is giving victims of crime a stronger, more efficient support system to help protect them in their everyday lives.”

Rick Bartolucci

Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services

“These grants will help us get the most innovative solutions from police and victim services on ways to keep our communities safe from high-risk offenders.”

Chris Bentley

Attorney General



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