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Accounting Professions Act

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Accounting Professions Act

Ministry of the Attorney General

Supporting quotes from the three main accounting bodies in Ontario:

"We are pleased that the government has dealt with a number of issues that we see as essential to our regulatory function in the public interest - notably to permit more effective enforcement of our disciplinary powers, the clear statement of the confidential nature of information that comes to the institute's attention in its work, and an increase in the fines for misuse of the Chartered Accountant designation by non-members."
- Tom Warner, Vice-President and Registrar, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario

"The new legislation, if passed, would be very helpful to us as we seek to modernize the governance of our accounting body. We appreciate the willingness of the government to work with us on the bill and to ensure we have the tools we need moving into the future."
- Doug Brooks, CGA, CEO, Certified General Accountants of Ontario

"The proposed bill would establish CMAs under the operating name of the organization, Certified Management Accountants of Ontario, with a modern and transparent structure for governing our members. We were happy with the open process of developing the legislation, so that we could see the fair treatment given to all three major accounting bodies in this useful update to our legislation."
- Merv Hillier, President and CEO, The Society of Management Accountants of Ontario



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