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Ensuring Fair Access to Entertainment Tickets

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Ensuring Fair Access to Entertainment Tickets

McGuinty Government Introduces Legislation to Strengthen Consumer Protection

Ministry of the Attorney General

Proposed amendments to Ontario's Ticket Speculation Act to be introduced today would, if passed, help ensure that Ontario consumers have fair access to tickets for their favourite concerts, sporting events and theatrical performances.

The new provisions respond to public concern that companies may make tickets available for sale to popular Ontario events on the primary market and then on the secondary market, at a much higher price.

The legislation, if passed, would prohibit related primary and secondary ticket sellers from selling tickets to the same event. An individual fine of up to $5,000 and a corporate fine of up to $50,000 would also be created for violations.

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“Ontarians have spoken out clearly, resoundingly and unequivocally against companies benefitting from the primary and secondary markets. This is about fairness. We are determined to ensure that Ontarians have fair access to entertainment tickets for events taking place in the province.”

Chris Bentley

Attorney General

Harinder Takhar

“We are ensuring that fair business practices continue to be the standard in Ontario. Ontarians deserve to know that they are getting fair and equitable access to event tickets.”

Harinder Takhar

Minister of Small Business and Consumer Services



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