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Victim Safety Project Grant in London

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Victim Safety Project Grant in London

Ministry of the Attorney General

A partnership among five London community agencies is receiving funding from the provincial government for a special project to better support victims of domestic violence. Here's what people are saying:

"I am pleased to support this worthwhile project, involving the participation of some of London's most respected community agencies, working together, as they so often do, to make our community stronger and safer."
-- Khalil Ramal, MPP London-Fanshawe

"Despite a community with an international reputation for collaboration and innovation in our work to end domestic violence, we do not have programs that link the monitoring of offenders' behaviour to the support offered to victims. This is a crucial element in enhancing victims' safety as they are often unaware of elevating risk levels. The London Police Service motto is 'Deeds not Words'. This government-funded project will put action to words. It will help us come up with new ways to support victims, assess the changing level of risk that they face and engage offenders as part of the solution."
-- Wm. Murray Faulkner, Chief of Police, London Police Service

"This initiative will build on strong collaborative relationships, providing an opportunity to formalize processes to reduce risk to women who are experiencing abuse. It is an innovative step forward to intervene before women experience serious harm."
-- Barb MacQuarrie, Community Director, Centre for Research and Education on Violence Against Women & Children

"Women's Community House is proud to be a partner in this project. This funding is so important as it acknowledges that the risk abusive men pose to women is not static but dynamic over time, and can in extreme circumstances become lethal. Among the many benefits this project will have for the women that we serve is developing community supports that
will keep them safe while holding abusive men responsible for their behaviour."
-- Kate Wiggins, Executive Director, Women's Community House

"As an agency working directly with men who abuse women and children, we often see how quickly the risk associated with woman abuse changes and elevates. This project will allow for the community to better assess the changing dynamic risk associated with men who abuse while coordinating support for women living with abuse. Additionally this project brings community and criminal justice partners together to ensure we respond effectively."
-- Tim Kelly, Executive Director, Changing Ways

"We look forward to working collaboratively with other agencies to enhance support for victims of intimate partner assault. This collaborative and coordinated effort will produce a more effective strategy."
-- Lori Cunningham, Executive Director, John Howard Society of London and District

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