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Civil Remedies Program Helps Local Police Increase Community Safety

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Civil Remedies Program Helps Local Police Increase Community Safety

Greater Sudbury Police Service Receive Two Grants

Ministry of the Attorney General

The Greater Sudbury Police Service is improving crime reporting and the ability to search for missing persons and uncover grow ops with funds from the Attorney General's Civil Remedies Grant Program.

The Greater Sudbury Police will build an online system that will allow victims of minor crimes to report them quickly and efficiently. It will also purchase a handheld infrared scanner to increase their capacity to investigate grow ops and help in the search for missing persons in their 3,200 square kilometre jurisdiction.

These crime-fighting tools are made possible through a program created under the Civil Remedies Act that allows money to be taken out of the hands of wrongdoers and used to support the prevention of crime and victimization.

Quick Facts

  • The Greater Sudbury Police Service is receiving nearly $77,000 in grants.
  • Since November 2003, $11.2 million in property has been forfeited to the Crown under provincial civil forfeiture law. An additional $39.6 million in property is frozen pending the completion of civil forfeiture proceedings.
  • Civil forfeiture proceeds have funded approximately $1.2 million in compensation to victims of unlawful activity and $3.4 million in grants to law enforcement agencies.

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“We are using the Civil Remedies Act to take resources out of the hands of wrongdoers. Instead, forfeited funds will go towards equipment that will help the Greater Sudbury Police Service fight crime in the area.”

Chris Bentley

Attorney General

“The Greater Sudbury Police would like to express our gratitude to the Attorney General for being able to receive these grants. With this funding, the Police Service will purchase valuable tools and technology that will positively impact our ability to investigate crime and enhance service delivery to all residents, thereby improving community safety.”

Chief Frank Elsner

Greater Sudbury Police Service

“I am very pleased to see the benefits of the Civil Remedies Act here in Sudbury. Our government is taking whatever steps are necessary to keep communities and families safe.”

Rick Bartolucci

MPP Sudbury and Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services

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