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Modernizing Provincial Laws

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Modernizing Provincial Laws

McGuinty Government Increasing Transparency, Accountability And Effectiveness

Ministry of the Attorney General

A comprehensive bill introduced today would, if passed, improve clarity, increase transparency, and enhance accountability in the province's laws, regulations and systems.

The proposed Good Government Act, 2009, reflects input from provincial ministries on ways to increase transparency, accountability and effectiveness. The proposed items include a number of technical changes and general housekeeping measures. Others increase transparency and accountability in our existing systems by improving public inquiries and the jury selection process. The bill also proposes to enhance the Municipal Elections Act, 1996, by clarifying campaign finance rules, and strengthening compliance and enforcement measures.

Quick Facts

  • The majority of the nearly 600 items included in the Good Government Act, 2009 were contributed to by 22 ministries and propose technical changes that would simplify government processes, update language and clarify administrative processes.

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“Modernizing our laws will help to increase transparency and ensure that Ontarians are protected by laws that are up to date and relevant. The Good Government Act, 2009, would increase the accountability and effectiveness of government.”

Chris Bentley

Attorney General

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