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Modernizing Ontario Elections

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Modernizing Ontario Elections

McGuinty Government Makes Elections Fairer, More Flexible, More Accessible

Ministry of the Attorney General

There would be more ways to vote in provincial elections, greater access for persons with disabilities and stronger election administration, if a new bill is passed by the legislature.

The proposed Election Statute Law Amendment Act, 2009 was introduced today. If passed, it would:

  • Allow Ontarians to vote by special ballot
  • Provide the province's Chief Electoral Officer with the flexibility to design a voting process that is responsive to the needs of voters
  • Give voters with disabilities access to voting equipment that would enable them to independently mark a ballot without the assistance of another person.

The improvements would be in place for the 2011 Ontario election.

Quick Facts

  • The proposed reforms build on the work of the Legislature's Select Committee on Elections, which delivered its final report in June 2009.
  • The Committee heard representations from key stakeholders and reviewed written briefs submitted by several interested parties.
  • Provincial elections are scheduled to be held every four years in Ontario. The next election is scheduled for October 2011.

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“We have listened to calls for a more flexible and responsive electoral system in Ontario. If passed, this legislation will provide Ontarians with more opportunities to vote and increase accessibility for all voters.”

Chris Bentley

Ontario Attorney General

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