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Making The Justice System Easier And More Accessible

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Making The Justice System Easier And More Accessible

McGuinty Government Launches New Tool To Help Court Users

Ministry of the Attorney General

Ontario is taking the next steps in its family justice reforms by providing information sessions and launching an online tool to complete legal forms.

The new Ontario Court Forms Assistant is an interactive website to help people fill out 11 of the most commonly-used Ontario family and civil court forms. This will make it easier to:

  • Get a restraining order
  • Apply for custody of a child or change a child support order
  • Start a case in family court or respond to a family law claim.

Information programs will help people to understand the effects of separation and divorce on adults and children, as well as alternatives to litigation.

These reforms will help to make the family courts faster and easier to use.

Quick Facts

  • This new initiative builds on the family justice reform first announced by the Attorney General in December 2009.
  • This online tool is available at formsassistant.ontariocourtforms.on.ca.
  • Mandatory information sessions and Dispute Resolution Officer meetings are now being scheduled in Brampton and Milton.

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“We're making our family courts more affordable and less complicated. This new tool simplifies the process and we are also making progress in providing the information upfront to help families reach informed decisions.”

Chris Bentley

Attorney General

“When relationships break down, it is important for families, especially women, to receive early information about their legal rights and responsibilities, and the impact of separation and divorce on children and adults, so they can make the best choices for themselves and their children.”

Laurel Broten

Minister of Children and Youth Services and Minister Responsible for Women's Issues

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