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Civil Forfeiture Funds To Support Cobourg Police

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Civil Forfeiture Funds To Support Cobourg Police

New Video Camera System Helps Prevent Crime

Ministry of the Attorney General

The Cobourg Police Service will soon have a portable video camera system to help identify and monitor areas throughout the community.

The camera system, purchased with a $35,500 grant from the Attorney General's Civil Remedies Grant Program, will be used to help deter crime and ensure the safety of the community.

The grant program, created under the Civil Remedies Act, allows money to be taken out of the hands of wrongdoers and is used to assist victims and prevent unlawful activity.

Quick Facts

  • The new portable video camera system will be added to the existing municipal fibre optic infrastructure and can also be used wirelessly in areas without fibre optics.
  • Since November 2003, $13.3 million has been forfeited to the Crown under provincial civil forfeiture law.
  • Civil forfeiture proceeds have funded approximately $1.2 million in compensation to direct victims of unlawful activity and $5.7 million in grants to law enforcement agencies from funds remaining after victims have been compensated.

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“These funds will help police monitor and prevent crime in Cobourg. This is an important tool to help keep Ontarians safe. We will use every civil and criminal law tool available to us to help protect our communities.”

Chris Bentley

Attorney General

“We're delighted with today's announcement. This funding is most appreciated; our officers now have a new, modern and valuable tool at their disposal that will help them keep this community protected.”

Chief Paul A. Sweet

Cobourg Police Service

“This new equipment will not only help police in investigations but it will prevent unlawful activity from happening in the first place, and provide a visible sense of security to members of the community.”

Lou Rinaldi

MPP Northumberland-Quinte West

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