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Funds To Support Orangeville and Shelburne Police Services

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Funds To Support Orangeville and Shelburne Police Services

Helping Local Police Boost Public Safety

Ministry of the Attorney General

The Orangeville and Shelburne Police Services will soon have new high-tech equipment to deter unlawful activity and keep communities safe.

A specialized Canine Police Vehicle will help front-line officers from the Orangeville Police Service deter drug activity. The Shelburne Police Service will enhance rescue and investigation efforts using a new Special Service Vehicle equipped with a state-of-the-art camera system.

Under Ontario's Civil Remedies Act, the Attorney General is taking money out of the hands of wrongdoers and using it to help prevent unlawful activity.

Quick Facts

  • The Orangeville Police Service is receiving $50,000 for a Canine Police Vehicle.
  • The Shelburne Police Service is receiving $48,165 to purchase a Special Service Vehicle equipped with an in-car camera system.
  • Since November 2003, $13.3 million has been forfeited to the Crown under provincial civil forfeiture law.
  • Civil forfeiture proceeds have funded approximately $1.2 million in compensation to direct victims of unlawful activity and $5.7 million in grants to law enforcement agencies from funds remaining after victims have been compensated.

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“Profits have been taken out of the hands of the wrongdoers and are being used by the Orangeville and Shelburne Police Services to fight unlawful activity and enhance overall community safety.”

David Zimmer

Parliamentary Assistant to the Attorney General

“We are delighted with this announcement and wish to thank the Attorney General for his support of our Police Service. The funding from the Civil Remedies Grant Program will help us increase our equipment fleet and not only benefit our community but also the millions of people who travel through Shelburne each year.”

Chief Kent Moore

Shelburne Police Service

“The ability of the Orangeville Police Service to access the funds made available through the Civil Remedies Act is helping us to provide effective rescue assistance and searches for evidence at crime scenes.”

Chief Joseph Tomei

Orangeville Police Service

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