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Payments For Victims Of Flawed Pediatric Forensic Pathology

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Payments For Victims Of Flawed Pediatric Forensic Pathology

Ministry of the Attorney General

Ontario has established a process to provide recognition payments to eligible individuals in the 19 cases reviewed by the Goudge Inquiry. The process is designed to be easy and completed within 90 days.

The Ministry of the Attorney General has taken steps to contact individuals identified by the Goudge Inquiry in order to provide them with information about the recognition payments and how they can submit an Expression of Interest should they wish to apply for a payment.

Individuals and their family members can also obtain an Expression of Interest form from the Ministry of the Attorney General's website.

The Honourable Chester Misener will use the detailed applications and case summaries used as part of the Goudge Inquiry to assess the eligibility of individuals who apply and the payment amount that eligible individuals will receive.

Factors that will be considered include:

  • Loss of liberty
  • Mental harshness and indignity
  • Loss of reputation
  • Effect on family and other personal relationships
  • Effect on earning and income.

These recognition payments will not prevent anyone from pursuing a civil claim or applying for compensation under the Federal/Provincial/Territorial guidelines for wrongful convictions.

If an individual subsequently receives an additional payment from the government, the amount will be reduced by what the individual has already received as a recognition payment.

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