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Helping Aboriginal Abuse Victims In Fort Severn

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Helping Aboriginal Abuse Victims In Fort Severn

McGuinty Government Invests In Improved Community Services

Ministry of the Attorney General

Aboriginal victims of domestic and family violence in Fort Severn are benefiting from a special project designed to stop the cycle of abuse in the community.

Through the support of the Aboriginal Victims Support Grant Program, Fort Severn First Nation is organizing healing circles and community presentations that are aimed at violence prevention and victim support.

Quick Facts

  • Fort Severn First Nation received $89,500 from the Aboriginal Victims Support Grant Program.
  • Two million dollars has been awarded to 19 Aboriginal organizations for 20 local projects that support victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, hate crimes and historic abuse in remote areas of the province.
  • Ontario has developed an Aboriginal Justice Strategy with a vision to provide coordinated, equitable, effective and responsive justice services to all Aboriginal men, women, children and youth in Ontario.

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“Domestic and family violence hurts everyone and the Fort Severn First Nation has developed a project to identify and address the roots of this violence. The community is using its traditional and cultural strengths to help heal the community.”

David Zimmer

Parliamentary Assistant to the Attorney General

“We are thankful that we can begin the transformation work needed at the community level to halt current cycles of abuse in our community. The project is benefiting all members of the Fort Severn First Nation.”

Matthew Kakekaspan

Chief, Fort Severn First Nation

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