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Supporting Windsor Police

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Supporting Windsor Police

Helping Police Prevent Unlawful Activities

Ministry of the Attorney General

Windsor Police Service now has new technology to better support victims and protect families in the community.

The Civil Remedies Grant program enables money to be taken out of the hands of wrongdoers, and is used to assist victims and to help police prevent unlawful activities. Police use these grants to help keep Ontario families and communities safe.

With funds from the Civil Remedies Grant program, Windsor Police Service Organized Crime Unit now has new video cameras, computers, software and tracking devices to help:

  • conduct surveillance
  • collect intelligence information
  • enhance covert operations
  • keep officers safe during organized crime investigations.

Quick Facts

  • A grant for $61,334 has been awarded to the Windsor Police Service.
  • Ontario's CRIA office is recognized nationally and internationally for its precedent-setting work.
  • Since November 2003, $15.8 million has been forfeited to the Crown under provincial civil forfeiture law.

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“This grant has provided the Windsor Police Service with valuable tools to battle unlawful activity in the community. We're proud to support the work of our police here in Windsor and across Ontario.”

Chris Bentley

Attorney General

“Thanks to this grant from the Attorney General our officers have the resources they need to better investigate and prevent unlawful activity in Windsor.”

Gary Smith

Chief of Windsor Police Service

“This is good news for the Windsor police and our community. Through this investment, the police can better protect Windsor families and continue keeping them safe.”

Sandra Pupatello

MPP Windsor West

“The Windsor police do a fantastic job each and every day. They now have more tools at their disposal to prevent illicit activity and to keep our community safe.”

Dwight Duncan

MPP Windsor-Tecumseh

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