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More Support for the Proposed Protection of Public Participation Act

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More Support for the Proposed Protection of Public Participation Act

Ministry of the Attorney General

"Public participation is vital to a flourishing democracy. I am very pleased that the Government of Ontario is committed to creating the conditions for a robust debate on issues of public importance."

- Professor Mayo Moran, former expert advisory panel Chair and Dean, University of Toronto Faculty of Law

"As an advocate for a fair and effective justice system, the Ontario Bar Association called for a swift and powerful tool that would prevent lawsuits aimed at stifling public debate, while maintaining access to justice for legitimate claims. Public confidence depends on the ability of our justice system to operate efficiently and to enhance democratic principles. Both of these goals are threatened by the bad-faith litigation that this new legislation is designed to curb. We commend the government for introducing the Protection for Public Participation Act."

- David Sterns, Chair, Public Affairs, Ontario Bar Association

"These proposed reforms help protect freedom of expression where it is most needed, at the very heart of democracy: citizen engagement and debate on what matters most to them and their community. It was an honour to work with Dean Mayo Moran and Peter Downard, both outstanding scholars and advocates. It is exciting to see our work bring about change. It is difficult to imagine anything more important in a democracy than citizen engagement and debate."

- Brian MacLeod Rogers, former expert advisory panel member and Adjunct Professor, Ryerson School of Journalism

 "Our panel worked hard to develop an approach that balanced the protection of public participation and freedom of expression with the protection of reputation and economic interests -- and I am very pleased to see this approach reflected in this proposal. I have been delighted throughout this process by how well this project functioned as a collaboration of all concerned."

- Peter Downard, former expert advisory panel member and Partner, Fasken Martineau, Toronto, author of the legal text Libel, 2nd edition, and the volume Defamation in Halsbury's Laws of Canada

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