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Improving Accessibility in Ottawa Courthouse

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Improving Accessibility in Ottawa Courthouse

Signage Improvements Make Courts Easier to Navigate

Ministry of the Attorney General

Ontario is using simple, accessible and bilingual signage to make the Ottawa courthouse easier to navigate.  

Improvements to signs throughout the courthouse include:

  • consistent, easy to understand terms
  • pictograms to clearly illustrate instructions (e.g. accessible parking)
  • braille and tactile signage for the visually impaired
  • standard design with similar fonts, colours, materials and placement of words.

The project is part of the government's response to a number of recommendations made by the Civil Justice Reform Project, led by former Associate Chief Justice Coulter Osborne.

Making courts easier to navigate is part of the government's plan to build a stronger, more accessible justice system and a fair society for all. 

Quick Facts

  • New, accessible and bilingual signs have also been installed at courthouses in Barrie, Kenora, and Toronto.
  • Other accessibility features at the Ottawa Courthouse include a barrier-free main entrance, lower service counters for people using wheelchairs or scooters, and elevator buttons in braille.
  • Since 2009, courthouse accessibility coordinators across Ontario have been helping to arrange accommodation for users with disabilities, such as sign language interpretation, real-time captioning, and assistive listening devices.

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“We are committed to improving access to justice for all Ontarians. Clear, easy-to-understand signs in courthouses ensure that when people enter a courthouse, there is no confusion about where they need to go or how to get there.”

John Gerretsen

Attorney General

“Navigating Ottawa’s courthouse just got easier with the installation of this new signage. It will enable all users, especially those with a disability, to better access the services and courtrooms on site.”

Yasir Naqvi

MPP, Ottawa Centre

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