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Supporting the Hamilton Police Service

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Supporting the Hamilton Police Service

Helping Local Police Boost Community Safety

Ministry of the Attorney General

The Hamilton Police Service will soon have new computer tools to aid in missing persons, homicide and Internet crime investigations. 

With a grant made possible from property forfeited under the Civil Remedies Act, the Hamilton Police Service will acquire: 

  • New servers and software to speed up the analysis of data used as evidence in missing persons, homicide and Internet crime investigations, including Internet fraud, cyberbullying and child pornography.
  • More training for officers in online investigation techniques that will help uncover child luring and the sharing of child pornography.
  • A self-contained mobile CCTV trailer, command centre surveillance system and mobile camera to monitor high crime areas, sporting events and protests. 

The Civil Remedies Act allows the Attorney General to ask the civil court to take possession of, and forfeit to the government property that is likely to be used to carry out unlawful activities and property, including funds, acquired as the result of unlawful activities. 

These grants help police keep Ontario communities safe and build a fair society.

Quick Facts

  • The Hamilton Police Service is receiving grants for $128,270.
  • Under the Civil Remedies Act, $1.9 million is being awarded in grants to police services in communities across the province this year.
  • Civil forfeiture proceeds have funded approximately $1.4 million in compensation to direct victims of unlawful activity and $8.4 million in grants to police services across Ontario.

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“With the funds from property seized under the Civil Remedies Act we can support police services, like the Hamilton Police Service, so they can keep their communities even safer.”

John Gerretsen

Attorney General

“The Hamilton police are very pleased to receive these grants from the Civil Remedies Grants Program. Cybercrimes present a unique challenge to policing, and these funds will provide our technology crime unit with an enhanced capability to investigate child pornography, Internet fraud and other crimes that target the most vulnerable people of our society.”

Chief Glenn De Caire

Hamilton Police Service

“The Civil Remedies Grants Program takes the proceeds of unlawful activity and makes the money available to help police prevent unlawful activity. I’m pleased to see these funds helping the Hamilton Police Service keep our communities safe.”

Ted McMeekin

MPP, Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale

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