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Ontario Congratulates 2015 Mundell Medal Recipients

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Ontario Congratulates 2015 Mundell Medal Recipients

Province Honouring Excellence In Legal Writing

Ministry of the Attorney General

Ontario has awarded the 2015 David Walter Mundell Medal for excellence in legal writing to Julie Macfarlane and the Honourable Justice Todd Archibald.

Julie Macfarlane is a professor at the University of Windsor Faculty of Law. She has authored numerous legal academic articles and books, including her groundbreaking and bestselling book, The New Lawyer. Professor Macfarlane has written extensively and influentially on the need to modernize the legal profession and the justice system. In addition, her weekly blog has thousands of regular readers and has become a forum to discuss some of the most challenging issues facing the legal profession.

The Honourable Todd Archibald is a judge in the Superior Court of Justice. He is recognized for his outstanding legal writing that has made a huge contribution to the practice of law. He has written and co-authored many publications used as reference sources -- and heavily relied on by lawyers, judges and those who study the law -- including the Annual Review of Civil Litigation and Ontario Superior Court Practice.

Quick Facts

  • In 1986, former Attorney General Ian Scott created the Mundell Medal to honour Ontario authors who have made an exceptional contribution to legal writing.
  • The Mundell Medal is awarded by the Attorney General on the recommendation of a selection committee chaired by the Honourable George Strathy, Chief Justice of Ontario.
  • David Walter Mundell was a renowned constitutional lawyer and the first Director of the Ministry of the Attorney General's constitutional law branch.


“I am delighted to recognize Professor Macfarlane and Justice Archibald for their outstanding contribution to the law. In their work, one profound theme resonates — the improvement of practice in the law. These outstanding authors have, through their respective legal writing, helped countless people understand the law better and work towards improving access to justice. In their own way, they have each used the power of language to address issues of fundamental importance. Both are truly deserving of this honour.”

Madeleine Meilleur

Attorney General

“Professor Macfarlane has written ground breaking work on society’s changing legal needs and the ways our legal profession and legal institutions need to evolve to remain relevant to ordinary Canadians. Her writing is persuasive and engaging and raises questions that demand the attention of legal professionals and policy makers. The breadth and depth of Justice Archibald’s legal writing is extraordinary. He has written extensively on a broad array of topics fundamental to both civil and criminal litigation. His works are cited frequently by trial and appellate courts across Canada and many are indispensable reference texts for Canadian litigators.”

The Honourable George Strathy

Chief Justice of Ontario and Selection Committee Chair

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