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Civil Remedies Grant Program Recipients


Civil Remedies Grant Program Recipients

Ministry of the Attorney General

Ontario is providing $1.5 million in funding through the Civil Remedies Grant Program for the following 21 projects that will help prevent unlawful activity and support victims across the province.

Barrie Police Service
Project Safe Horizons: Eyes Open


Marked uniform cars will be purchased and equipped with automated licence plate readers. Software will be developed to alert officers of the presence of people involved in human trafficking at high probability locations.

The project will also fund outreach for information sharing across all Ontario police services and outreach to local businesses, hotels and motels to increase awareness of human trafficking.

Brantford Police Service
The Seeds Project


The Seeds Project will involve the purchase of specific computer hardware and software and the creation of a database including individuals, addresses and vehicles associated with human trafficking in the community. Brantford police officers will be trained to use these resources.

Cornwall Community Police Service
Project One Percent


Project One Percent will help to decrease outlaw motorcycle gang activity by providing specialized training to officers, strengthening connections with federal and provincial specialty units and training people and local businesses to recognize this type of gang activity.

Durham Regional Police Service
Project ACCESS


Project ACCESS will include new specialized investigative equipment, educational materials and subject matter expert training to aid complex investigations involving individuals or organized criminal groups.

Gananoque Police Service
Moving Ahead Together: A Collaborative Policing Initiative


This project will help to divert people with mental health issues away from the criminal justice system and towards the supports they need through community programming. It will also include after-school programs for at-risk youth.

Greater Sudbury Police Service
Project Enhance


Project Enhance will help to prevent and combat sexual exploitation, human trafficking, organized crime and opioid trafficking through state-of-the-art surveillance equipment.

Greater Sudbury Police Service
Project Innovate


Project Innovate will provide the Greater Sudbury Police Service with new surveillance equipment including a vehicle and training for officers on innovative investigative techniques for activities including human trafficking.

Kingston Police Service
Operation EAST (Education & Awareness of Sex Trafficking)


Operation EAST aims to increase awareness about human trafficking recruitment techniques and decrease the number of young victims by training officers to give presentations in schools.

OPP - North East Region
Human Trafficking Awareness Project


The Human Trafficking Awareness Project will provide education and awareness to officers and stakeholders through a regional conference and various training opportunities. The OPP branch also plans to purchase digital technology and equipment to deliver investigative expertise and a victim-centred, trauma-informed approach to helping human trafficking victims.

Ottawa Police Service
Rapid Drug Identification & Community Alert Initiative


Funds will be allocated to purchase an IONSCAN, a portable detector that can identify a variety of drugs and dangerous opioids such as fentanyl and its analogues, reducing injury to the community and assisting with investigations.

Sarnia Police Service
Human Trafficking Identification & Surveillance Project


This project will implement an identification and surveillance program to combat human trafficking activity. The police service will build a local database of perpetrators and work to identify, engaging with and assist victims.

Saugeen Shores Police Service
Unmarked Police Utility Vehicle


An automated licence plate recognition system will be purchased to assist officers in gathering intelligence related to vehicles and registered owners and improve road safety while investigating human trafficking incidents.

Smiths Falls Police Service
Making It Count: Community Policing Initiative


Making It Count strives to redirect individuals with mental health issues from contact with the criminal justice system toward effective, lasting mental health services and supports. This will be accomplished by adopting best practice programming into the community, specifically through the Community Outreach Partnership program and Health Informatics.

Strathroy-Caradoc Police Service
Intelligence Based Project to End Human Trafficking


This project will use automated licence plate recognition, video surveillance technology and community education to combat human trafficking activities and increase community awareness.

Toronto Police Service
Human Trafficking: Ending Violence Against Indigenous Women


Funding will be used to hold a two day conference providing front-line officers with training regarding the history and challenges facing the Indigenous community, including the root causes of continued victimization. This will assist officers in making positive connections and well-informed assessments when helping Indigenous victims and their families and work to establish better respect and trust.

Toronto Police Service - Multi-Agency
Police Expert Advisory Committee on Organized Crime Training Fund


This grant will go towards creating a fund for a multi-agency group of experts to provide tailored education across Canada and North America on drugs, organized crime and firearms.

Toronto Police Service
Project FED (Fentanyl Enforcement Detection)


Project FED will include the purchase of technologically-advanced equipment that will allow officers to accurately detect and identify a wide range of illicit drugs, including fentanyl and its analogues. This will increase community safety by preventing accidental and intentional exposure to these drugs.

Toronto Police Service
Providing Education to Prevent Victimization Program


Funding will be used to provide a forum for middle and high school students, teachers and parents to increase awareness of sex-related human trafficking issues, services available for victims and investigative strategies available to officers.

Windsor Police Service
Exit Strategy


Exit Strategy plans to provide officers with advanced technology and training to enhance their ability to identify both victims of human trafficking and perpetrators. The program will also provide support to community partners, allowing for a multi-disciplinary approach to rescuing victims.

Woodstock Police Service
Surveillance Equipment


The grant will be used to improve surveillance capabilities, decrease exposure to risk for current and future victims, and increase the identification of vehicles and persons involved in criminal activity through the use of surveillance equipment.

York Regional Police Service
Project Michael


Project Michael aims to increase community supports by developing a mobile phone application and acquiring new technology to establish a user-friendly information resource for victims of human trafficking.

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