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Ontario helping newcomers get jobs

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Ontario helping newcomers get jobs

The Ontario government is investing $27.4 million in 40 bridge training programs to help newcomers get jobs in their field quickly.  The federal government is contributing $8.1 million of the total funding.

These projects provide occupation-specific language training, mentorship, skills assessment and work experience needed for various professions.

These projects are offered in the Greater Toronto Area, Kitchener-Waterloo Region, Hamilton, London, Niagara Region, and Ottawa.

Greater Toronto Area
Total Funding - $14,139,542

George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology - (Two Programs)

  • Research/Technology - A 12-month program for post-graduates who want to work in positions that apply theoretical research to commercial applications.  Amount - $399,050
  • Health Care -- A program to better meet the particular needs of health care workers, including occupation-specific language training. Amount - $354,530

University of Toronto - (Three Programs)

  • Pharmacists - A project to have the Faculty of Pharmacy's language assessment tool professionally recognized.  Amount - $192,630
  • Physicians - A 40-hour language-training program that is part of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario's Communication and Cultural Competence project. Amount - $177,400
  • Project Managers - A program to help prepare people from a variety of backgrounds for careers in project management.  Amount - $720,000

Ryerson University - (Four Programs)

  • Nutritionists and Dietitians - An expanded program to develop online pre-arrival assessment and orientation resources to help food and nutrition professionals prepare for practice before arriving in Canada.  Amount - $1,000,000
  • Social Workers - An expanded program for under-serviced regions of Ontario and new pre-arrival services through online delivery.  Amount - $1,000,000
  • Various - A program to assess prior experience and learning not captured by existing assessment programs.  Amount - $1,200,000
  • Physiotherapists - A program to help 44 physiotherapists get registered by providing occupation-specific language training as well as patient interaction and exam skills. 
    Amount - $1,601,525

World Education Services

  • Various - A program to provide foreign credential assessment services to internationally trained professionals, employers, academic institutions and regulatory bodies.  Amount - $500,000

Canadian Mothercraft Society

  • Early Child Educators - A project to prepare 45 early childhood educators to get an Ontario-approved diploma and registration as ECEs.  Amount - $341,699

Ontario Society of Professional Engineers

  • Engineers - A program to design a pre-exam course to prepare engineers to write the Professional Practice Examination, part of the licensure process for engineers. 
    Amount - $83,800

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

  • Engineers - A three-month project to provide 40 environmental engineers with occupation-specific language and workplace culture training, technical standards training and job experience.
    Amount - $379,867


  • Human Resources - A program to help recruit human resources professionals to find work in their field.  Amount - $345,632

Centennial College

  • Financial Services - A program to help 30 individuals get financial services certification by developing a curriculum that includes technical training and occupation-specific language instruction.  Amount - $122,293

Community MicroSkills Development Centre

  • Manufacturing - This program, in partnership with the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council, will help 225 trained individuals prepare for employment in the supply chain sector. 
    Amount - $1,251,188

Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

  • Engineers - A project to assist trained civil, mechanical and electrical engineers prepare for employment by providing engineering software training and job search support.  Amount - $1,251,117

Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council

  • Various - A project to help employers in York and Peel regions develop the skills and tools to effectively recruit, hire and retain internationally trained individuals.  Amount - $553,800

Skills for Change

  • Various - This project will prepare industrial electricians, construction and maintenance electricians and industrial mechanics to write and pass their qualification exams and find work in their field.  Amount - $1,240,243

Accessible Community Counseling and Employment Services

  • Sales/Marketing - A program to help prepare for employment, including mock interviews, language training and workplace etiquette.  Amount - $505,397

Halton Multicultural Council

  • Accountants/Bookkeepers - Participants receive language, accounting-specific computer training and work placements in a program that is expanding to Peel Region.  Amount - $919,371

Kitchener-Waterloo Area
Total Funding - $1,447,677

University of Waterloo

  • Optometrists - Six on-line courses and tools to measure language, training and experience. Amount - $431,875


  • Various - A program to help individuals become successful entrepreneurs through a combination of skill and language workshops, coaching and mentoring. 
    Amount - $517,668

The Working Centre

  • Social Workers - A six-month program to prepare for registration or employment, including language training and working skills.  Amount - $498,134

London Area
Total Funding - $640,281

Fanshawe College - (Two programs)

  • Electrical/Electronics Technicians - A program to assist individuals to get certificates and employment in the electrical/electronics technology field.  Amount - $183,190
  • Nurses - A program to help individuals get licensed and employed by providing job-specific language training, mentoring and clinical placements.  Amount - $182,946

WIL Counseling for Training and Employment

  • Various - This project will engage 50 'employer leaders' to take the lead in hiring and encouraging others to hire internationally trained individuals.  Amount - $274,145

Ottawa Area
Total Funding - $2,289,869

Catholic Immigration Centre

  • Physicians - Program to help individuals to enter qualifying programs or get their medical license. Amount - $450,000

Algonquin College

  • Engineers - A project to help 40 civil engineers meet the requirements to practice as Civil Engineering Technologists in Ontario.  Amount - $1,000,000

LASI World Skills

  • Various - The 'Skills Match Network' program will match the skills and experience of qualified people to the employment needs of area employers.  Amount - $839,269

Hamilton Niagara Area
Total Funding - $2,485,627

Settlement and Integration Services Organization (SISO) - (Two programs)

  • Finance - Program to help trained individuals in the accounting, banking and finance sectors get certification or employment.  Amount - $468,952
  • Various - Program to help individuals prepare for employment in their fields by providing access to cultural and communication training and professional networks. 
    Amount - $362,834


  • Nurses - A project to improve the language skills of internationally educated nurses.
    Amount - $346,025

McMaster University

  • Occupational Therapists - A five-course program that will prepare internationally trained Occupational Therapists to write the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists certification examination. 
    Amount - $519,300

Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology

  • Nurses - Training to prepare internationally educated nurses for clinical training, including language training, critical thinking and nursing practices.  Amount - $408,047

St. Catharines Unemployed Help Centre, Inc.

  • Various - A program to help individuals get their license/certificate or employment in their field by providing language assessment, referrals for credential assessment and further ESL instruction.  Amount - $380,469

Throughout Ontario
Total Funding - $6,198,477

Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science

  • Medical Laboratory Technologists - A project to establish language proficiency standards for internationally trained medical laboratory technologists seeking to enter the profession in Ontario.  Amount - $87,400

Association of Ontario Land Surveyors

  • Land Surveyors - A project to develop new processes to better assist land surveyors to become registered in their field.  Amount - $667,699

College of Medical Radiation Technologists of Ontario

  • Radiation Technologists - A project to expand the options for assessing language proficiency. Amount - $115,940

Colleges Ontario

  • Various - A project to help Ontario colleges better assess the specific learning needs of internationally trained individuals (ITI) to help them enter the workforce more quickly.
    Amount - $5,327,438



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