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Reducing Barriers For Internationally-Trained Engineers

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Reducing Barriers For Internationally-Trained Engineers

McGuinty Government Helping Newcomers Succeed, Supporting Economic Development

As part of Open Ontario, the province intends to make it easier for internationally-trained engineers to be licensed in Ontario.

Proposed amendments to the Professional Engineers Act would allow qualified foreign-trained engineers to be licensed to work in Ontario without being a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. These amendments are part of the proposed Open for Business Act introduced on Monday.

Currently, a person must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident before they can get an Ontario license.  Eliminating this requirement would help attract more highly-skilled workers to the province and strengthen Ontario's economy.

The proposed Open for Business Act is part of Ontario's ambitious three-year initiative to create faster, smarter and streamlined government-to-business services that make the province more attractive for business development while protecting the public interest.

Quick Facts

  • Other changes in the proposed Open for Business Act would make it easier for the Professional Engineers of Ontario Council to oversee the profession and allow limited license holders, such as engineering technicians and technologists, to hold a certificate of authorization. This would allow them to practice in their limited scope without the direct supervision of a professional engineer.
  • In Ontario, everyone practicing engineering must be fully licensed and accountable to the regulatory oversight of Professional Engineers Ontario.
  • There are approximately 73,000 licensed engineers in Ontario.

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“We want to give self-governing professions the tools they need to better compete in today's business climate. These changes will help us create a stronger and more prosperous Ontario.”

Chris Bentley

Attorney General

“Immigration is Ontario's lifeblood. We need the skills and talents of internationally-trained engineers to build a strong and vibrant economy. These steps will help them contribute to an Open Ontario where the economy and our communities can thrive.”

Dr. Eric Hoskins

Minister of Citizenship and Immigration

“The proposed amendments reflect this government's commitment to a strong engineering profession that can best serve the public and respond to the needs of Ontario businesses.”

Kim Allen

CEO and Registrar, Professional Engineers Ontario

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