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Helping Skilled Newcomers Find Jobs

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Helping Skilled Newcomers Find Jobs

McGuinty Government Invests in Skills Training And Expands Opportunities To Work

Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration

Ontario is helping more than 5000 highly skilled newcomers transition to jobs that match their qualifications and experience.

The government is investing in 31 bridge training programs across the province. Bridge training programs help highly skilled newcomers get the credentials, practice and networks they need to get a license and work in their profession faster. The programs announced today will help newcomers get training in areas such as health care, information technology, engineering, agrology, financial services and land surveying.

One of these programs is co-sponsored with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. The program will help internationally trained electrical workers learn Canadian construction methods, health and safety standards and new green technologies to prepare them for positions in Ontario's labour force.

Support for bridge training programs is an important part of the government's Open Ontario Plan to strengthen the economy by investing in the skills and knowledge of Ontarians.  

Quick Facts

  • In total, the government is investing $29.5 million to support the 22 new and 9 renewal programs.
  • Since 2003, Ontario has helped about 40,000 newcomers in more than 100 different professions get licensed and find jobs in their field through bridge training programs
  • Two out of three adult newcomers to Ontario have post-secondary education or training.
  • Almost half of all newcomers to Canada choose to settle in Ontario.

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“We know that bridge training programs work. We are renewing and expanding our commitment to bridge training so that more of Ontario's newcomers can put their skills and experience to work, and help make Ontario more competitive in today's global economy.”

Dr. Eric Hoskins

Minister of Citizenship and Immigration

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