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Attracting Skilled Newcomers and Investment to Ontario Communities

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Attracting Skilled Newcomers and Investment to Ontario Communities

McGuinty Government Helps Local Economies Grow

Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration

Ontario is helping communities attract investment, talent, and stimulate economic growth to create jobs for families.

Fifteen communities will receive support to enhance their local immigration websites. These will provide new tools and technology to attract immigrants with details and resources about living, working and investing in Ontario's communities. 

The province is also launching a mobile-friendly version of its popular Welcome to Ontario booklet for newcomers to access while on the go.

Attracting highly skilled newcomers and investment to the province is part of the government's five-year Open Ontario plan to help families and businesses by creating jobs and growth.

Quick Facts

  • 15 communities are receiving support to attract newcomers, help them integrate and draw investment to their communities.
  • Two out of three adult newcomers to Ontario have post-secondary education or training.
  • Ontario receives 100,000 newcomers annually and almost 40 per cent of immigration to Canada.

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“As part of the McGuinty Government's Open Ontario Plan, we're helping newcomers access the information they need to succeed. Providing them with essential details about the communities' schools, hospitals and businesses will help them and their families better integrate as they arrive in Ontario. Communities strive to attract and retain the best and the brightest, creating jobs and investment across the province.”

Dr. Eric Hoskins

Minister of Citizenship and Immigration

“Residents of our community understand that highly skilled immigrants enhance Sudbury's economy. We're working hard with other northern communities to attract newcomers to the Sudbury area, the best city, and Ontario, the greatest province in the world.”

Rick Bartolucci

MPP, Sudbury

“The generous support shown by the city's partners is opening doors to investments far beyond our geographic limits. This funding will allow us to show prospective residents and investors that Greater Sudbury is a caring, diverse, strong and innovative community. I look forward to welcoming newcomers to their home.”

Marianne Matichuk

Mayor of Sudbury



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