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A New Direction for Immigration in Ontario

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A New Direction for Immigration in Ontario

McGuinty Government Introduces Plan to Attract Skilled Immigrants, Strengthen Economy

Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration

Ontario is launching its first immigration strategy to help build a strong, globally-connected economy.

The strategy sets a new direction for how Ontario selects, welcomes and assists immigrants to the province. It emphasizes the critical role skilled immigrants play in Ontario's economic development, as workers and job creators, in addressing labour market gaps due to the province's aging population and low birth rate. The strategy also highlights how to better support immigrants and their families so they can succeed and contribute fully to Ontario's prosperity.

Recommendations from Ontario's Expert Roundtable on Immigration and consultations across the province helped shape the strategy.

With this new direction for immigration, the McGuinty government is focused on attracting highly skilled workers and their families, supporting diverse communities and growing a globally connected economy.

Quick Facts

  • The federal government makes key decisions about immigration that impact Ontario. Federal decisions over the last 10 years have reduced the proportion of economic immigrants coming to Ontario to 52 per cent, while the average for other provinces is 70 per cent.
  • Without continued immigration, Ontario’s working age population will begin to decline by 2014.
  • Newcomers make up 30 per cent of Ontario’s labour force.

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“This is a bold new direction for immigration in Ontario. It sets a path so we can attract the highly skilled immigrants and investors that we need to fuel economic growth and help build stronger communities.”

Charles Sousa

Minister of Citizenship and Immigration

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