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Statement by Minister Laura Albanese

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Statement by Minister Laura Albanese

Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration

I want to thank the Auditor General for her report and recommendations. Immigration is critically important to our economic future. The Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration and I believe the Auditor's observations and recommendations are both timely and significant.

Programs and services for newcomers in Ontario help tens of thousands of immigrants each year. The Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration and I are aware of her recommendations, and we have already taken action to address many of the concerns she has identified.

Together with the federal Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, I recently signed a new Canada-Ontario Immigration Agreement, which formalizes the bilateral relationship between Canada and Ontario in the areas of immigration planning, policy, operations, and information sharing. A Settlement Memorandum of Understanding will also be signed between Canada and Ontario to provide a framework for improved coordination of settlement and integration services.

We are actively working to ensure the Ministry has timely, reliable, and high quality information to support decision making and maximize outcomes. We have also increased our focus on evaluating program relevance, performance, efficiency and effectiveness.

We look forward to working with our partners to continuously improve our programs for newcomers to help them succeed in Ontario.