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Review Of Public Safety Standards For Propane

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Review Of Public Safety Standards For Propane

Propane Review

Ministry of Consumer Services

The government has retained two independent experts to conduct a comprehensive review of storage, handling, location and transport of propane in Ontario and report to the Minister of Small Business and Consumer Services.

The experts will look at all aspects of propane safety in Ontario including enforcement and inspection.  The review will start on September 8, 2008, and will be completed in 45 days.
The experts will work with the government, the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA), the propane industry, the municipal sector, other provinces, and other stakeholders to review the current propane-related legislation. The review will focus on the Technical Standards and Safety Act, 2000, and Ontario's regulations compared with internationally-recognized best practices.

Following the review of propane safety the government may review the safety of other volatile fuels.

Other entities are investigating the occurrence at the Sunrise facility.  This is not a review of that occurrence.  This review will not make any findings of fault.  

Scope of the Review  

The review will examine and make recommendations on the legislative framework to enhance propane safety including:

1. Ontario's legislative requirements for the safe storage, handling, location and transport of propane.
2. The standard setting criteria and process in Canada and how these compare to international processes.
3. Administrative procedures/requirements.
4. Trades personnel training, education and certification requirements for the storage, handling and transportation of propane.
5. Operator obligations.
6. Distance and zoning requirements/guidelines for propane storage sites.
7. Inspection and reporting requirements.
8. Emergency management plans at propane sites.
9. Offences and enforcement.
10. Whether a review of Ontario's legislative framework for any other fuels is needed.
11. Other matters considered to be advisable.  

The review will include a comparison of Ontario's legislative framework with leading international jurisdictions.



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