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Implementing Propane Safety Recommendations

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Implementing Propane Safety Recommendations

Mcguinty Government Moves Quickly To Better Protect Public

Ministry of Consumer Services

The Province has put in place new regulations to improve the safety of Ontario's propane system.

With the regulatory changes put in place today, more than 30 of the Panel's 40 recommendations have now been acted upon. These regulatory amendments to enhance safety include:

  • A minimum of annual inspections for propane facilities 
  • Additional requirements for licensing of propane facilities 
  • Stricter limits related to the storage and inventory of propane 
  • Enhanced safety equipment and training requirements, and 
  • Public availability of a facility?s emergency preparedness plan.

These regulatory changes come quickly after the Propane Safety Review Report released last month. Prepared by an independent panel, the report stated the building blocks for propane safety are in place in Ontario and have served people well over the years. The report provided 40 recommendations to further improve the propane system in Ontario and the government committed to move on implementing all of the recommendations.

The government will continue to work with the Technical Standards and Safety Authority, the propane industry, municipalities and other safety agencies to maintain the confidence of all Ontarians in the propane system, moving to act on the remaining panel recommendations without delay.

Quick Facts

  • More than 300,000 businesses and households in Ontario , many in rural areas, consume roughly 650 million kilograms of propane every year to fuel barbecues and vehicles, and provide heat for construction sites, farms, and rural homes.
  • On September 8, 2008 the independent expert panel appointed by the Minister of Small Business and Consumer Services began its 45 day review of the legislative and regulatory framework for the storage, handling, location and transport of propane in Ontario.
  • On November 7, 2008 the panel provided its report and recommendations to the Minister.

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“Our government remains committed to ensuring that Ontario has the highest standards and best systems in place, and we are moving quickly to implement the remaining recommendations from the Propane Safety Review Panel report.”

Harinder Takhar.

Minister of Small Business and Consumer Services

“I am pleased the government has moved to implement the recommendations from our report. It demonstrates they are serious about continuously improving Ontario's propane system to enhance public safety.”

Dr. Michael Birk

Representative, Propane Safety Review Panel



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