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Strengthening Ontario's Wine and Grape Industry

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Strengthening Ontario's Wine and Grape Industry

McGuinty Government Bolsters VQA Brand, Enhances Consumer Protection

Ministry of Consumer Services

Ontario wine-drinkers will soon have access to clearer labelling on bottles of wine made of locally grown grapes.

Ontario is working with winemakers and the LCBO to ensure consumers have clear signage and labelling to help them choose between wine made of 100 per cent Ontario grapes or wine made of a blend of local and foreign grapes. VQA wines are made of 100 per cent Ontario grapes and are a strong contributor to the province's economy. To get more Ontarians buying great-tasting local wines, the government will increase access to VQA wines through the LCBO and renew the successful VQA support program. These initiatives are part of a comprehensive government plan to place a greater emphasis on VQA wines.

Quick Facts

  • VQA wine sales at the LCBO are rising much faster than sales of blended wines and imported wines in Ontario.
  • VQA wines are made from 100 per cent Ontario grapes.
  • About 108 wineries in Ontario produce VQA wines.
  • A large segment of Ontario's wine and grape industry is located in Ontario's Greenbelt.

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“VQA wines are recognized around the world for their quality and taste. We're building on this success so that our wine and grape industry continues to succeed in the years ahead.”

Ted McMeekin

Minister of Consumer Services

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