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Ontario Seeks Input on Propane Safety Requirement

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Ontario Seeks Input on Propane Safety Requirement

Ministry of Consumer Services

Ontario is seeking comments on a proposal to adjust the risk and safety management plan (RSMP) process for propane transfer facilities in the province.

The province is proposing adjustments to the requirements for small propane transfer facilities, which are those facilities with a total storage capacity of 5,000 US water gallons or less. The adjustments would require small propane transfer facilities to complete a template RSMP, which includes facility information, an updated facility site plan, a map of the surrounding area, and an emergency response and preparedness plan.

Medium and large facilities (with a capacity of greater than 5,000 US water gallons) would continue to be required to complete the current RSMP process.

Ontario is also proposing to provide all propane facilities with an additional 90 days to file their RSMPs with the Technical Standards and Safety Authority. With the proposed extension to file RSMPs, a facility with a licence renewal date of January 2, 2011, would now be required to file their RSMP by April 2, 2011.

The proposed extension would provide small facilities time to comply with the new RSMP process, and medium and large facilities time to work with their engineers to complete their RSMPs, secure fire service approvals and implement mitigations.

The full proposal is available for comment until October 14, 2010, on the Regulatory Registry.

Quick Facts

  • RSMPs are a recommendation of the independent Propane Safety Review Panel that was established in the fall of 2008 to make recommendations on the storage, handling, location and transportation of propane in the province.
  • Ontario is the first province to require RSMPs for propane facilities.

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“The safety of all Ontarians is our number one priority. Ontario is the first jurisdiction in Canada to establish a process for propane transfer facilities to complete RSMPs. It will mean that Ontario's families and businesses will continue to have safe, convenient access to propane.”

John Gerretsen

Minister of Consumer Services



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