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Consumer Alert: Propane Delivery Disruption

Archived Bulletin

Consumer Alert: Propane Delivery Disruption

Ministry of Consumer Services

The media is reporting that some customers of a particular supplier in eastern Ontario are experiencing delays in the delivery of propane.

Should anyone be unable to get propane from their existing supplier there is no provincial statute that would prevent them from having their tank filled by another supplier. Whether a supplier agrees to fill a tank serviced by a competitor is solely a business decision of the supplier. If a consumer does change suppliers, the new supplier is obligated to conduct an initial inspection of the propane holding tank as required by law.

To ensure public safety, propane deliveries in Ontario must comply with safety standards and regulations enforced by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority.

If consumers have questions about their fuel supply contract, they should contact the Ministry of Consumer Services Consumer Protection Branch at 1-800-889-9768.