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What People Are Saying About Ontario's Proposed Towing and Vehicle Storage Legislation

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What People Are Saying About Ontario's Proposed Towing and Vehicle Storage Legislation

Ministry of Consumer Services

"Road safety and consumer protection are two key areas for CAA and its members. Regulation of the towing industry will not only enable additional consumer protection measures but will also enhance safety on Ontario's roads."

-- Elliott Silverstein, Manager of Government Relations, CAA South Central Ontario

"The Insurance Bureau of Canada supports the government's initiatives to protect drivers requiring towing services. In addition to protecting consumers from unscrupulous operators, this will help combat insurance fraud, and may ultimately save consumers money and make our roads safer."

-- Ralph Palumbo, Vice-President, Ontario, Insurance Bureau of Canada

"The focused regulation coupled with future training will both improve public confidence in the current system and road safety as well."

-- Brian J. Patterson, President and CEO, Ontario Safety League 

"The Ontario Provincial Police supports the regulation of the towing industry. These regulations will enhance public safety for motorists who require towing services while balancing the needs of the professional towing industry."

-- Don Bell, Chief Superintendent, Highway Safety Division, Ontario Provincial Police

"The Ontario Recovery Group and the Provincial Towing Association and their respective members fully support the provincial regulation of this vital industry. Provincial regulation of the Ontario towing industry is a huge step forward in protecting both the consumer of towing services and improving road safety."

-- D.G. (Doug) Nelson, Executive Director, Provincial Towing Association (Ontario) Inc., and Ontario Recovery Group

"This is a good first step to bring order to an unruly industry that would benefit from some regulation and enforcement. Consumers need to know that they will be dealt with fairly when having their vehicle towed, especially when they may not be in a position to make an informed choice after an accident or mechanical breakdown."

-- Howard Deane, Board Member of the Consumers Council of Canada



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