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Minister's Exceptional Achievement Awards

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Minister's Exceptional Achievement Awards


Ministry of the Solicitor General

The Minister's Exceptional Achievement Awards recognize outstanding
achievements and contributions made by ministry employees and volunteers from
across the province.


Recipient Location
Chad Chambo Central East Correctional Centre (Lindsay)
Angie Zuke Algoma Treatment and Remand Centre
Mike Zuke Algoma Treatment and Remand Centre
Lori Stockton Hamilton Probation and Parole Office
Garry Pinder Western Regional Office (London)
Lorney Bob Thunder Bay Correctional Centre
Gary Trevisan Thunder Bay Correctional Centre

Minister's Award for Exceptional Bravery: Presented to an employee who
has, in the line of duty or otherwise, displayed exceptional courage in
protecting life or property. An award is considered when the action
constitutes a great risk to the personal safety of the nominee.

- Chad Chambo, an operational manager at the Central East Correctional
Centre in Lindsay, was driving to work when he saw a house on fire. He
immediately pulled over, called 911, and alerted the residents that
their garage and vehicles were on fire. When the family of three left
the house, Chambo escorted them to the safety and warmth of his car.

Minister's Award for Exceptional Humanitarian Service: The award for
Exceptional Humanitarian Service is presented to an employee who has,
through his or her actions, contributed to the welfare of others, and who
is a dedicated, loyal and conscientious employee.

- An Algoma-area retired legal secretary was taking her two dogs for a
winter walk along a snowshoe trail when she suddenly fell through a
thin layer of ice. While one of her dogs managed to pull her out of
the chest-deep water with his leash, she was soaking wet and freezing.
She started walking off the path, hoping to find a way to her car when
she came across Angie and Mike Zuke, both correctional officers at the
Algoma Treatment and Remand Centre. Mike Zuke carried the woman to his
car while Angie Zuke followed behind with the dogs. Once they reached
the Zukes' car, a 911 call was placed and the couple took her to their
home to wait for an ambulance.

Minister's Award for Exceptional Contribution to the Field of
Corrections: Presented to an employee, or employees, who have devoted
personal time and/or leadership to recognized correctional programs, and
who are dedicated, loyal and conscientious.

- Lori Stockton and Garry Pinder coordinate the ministry's Electronic
Supervision Program across the province. As developers of the program,
they have provided leadership and training to ministry personnel at
institutions and probation and parole offices while working with
contracted private sector service providers. The program has proven to
be adaptable to new technologies, the evolving inmate population and
changing correctional programs. Their hard work has contributed to the
reintegration of many offenders back into communities.

- In 2005, Lorney Bob, an Elder, Pipe Carrier and Turning Full Circle
Program facilitator at the Thunder Bay Correctional Centre, proposed a
plan to establish an Aboriginal Praying Arbour (Shkode-kaan) on the
property of the institution. With no such structure existing at any
provincial correctional centre, building it would demonstrate that the
Thunder Bay Correctional Centre was focusing on First Nations programs
and services.

- In January 2006, Gary Trevisan, a manager at the Thunder Bay
Correctional Centre, prepared plans for the structure from Lorney
Bob's sketches. He began working with two inmates to construct the
Shkode-kaan in modular units on the facility property. By June 2006,
the Thunder Bay Correctional Centre held its Summer Seasonal Pow Wow
and official opening of the Shkode-kaan. At this ceremony, Gary
Trevisan was recognized and honoured with a sacred Feather, which is
one of the most prestigious honours bestowed in First Nations culture.



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