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Attawapiskat Residents Returning Home

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Attawapiskat Residents Returning Home

Nearly Half Of Evacuees To Be Back By Saturday Night

Ministry of the Solicitor General

Attawapiskat residents are flying back to their community. Local leaders, provincial and federal officials have determined that flood risks have diminished sufficiently to safely return the approximately 1,250 evacuees to their homes.

Approximately 225 are returning from Kapuskasing today. They'll be followed on Saturday by nearly 460 evacuees who were sent to Hearst, Geraldton and Thunder Bay. The plan is to have all Attawapiskat residents back home by mid-week.

The Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR)is coordinating flight operations to ensure the quick and safe return of the evacuees. Emergency Management Ontario (EMO)officials are working with host communities, provincial ministries and federal departments, to ensure the well-being of the remaining Attawapiskat residents during their stay out of their community. Distances, weather conditions, the availability of aircraft and the capacity of host municipalities, are the main factors considered by provincial planners.

Quick Facts

  • 227 evacuees who were in Kapuskasing are returning home today.
  • 132 Attawapiskat residents now in Hearst, 141 in Greenstone and approximately 200 out of the 440 in Thunder Bay, will fly home on Saturday.
  • Approximately 125 are still in Waterloo and 150 in Cochrane.

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“We're deeply appreciative of the host community officials and volunteers who continue to extend their hospitality to their fellow Ontarians. The success of the evacuation is due to the commitment of everyone involved to put the safety of Attawapiskat residents ahead of any other consideration.”

Rick Bartolucci

Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services

“My ministry's aviation services branch is ensuring that the residents of Attawapiskat are brought back to their community as soon and safely as possible. I'd like to thank the host communities, community leaders, EMO, and our partners, who have worked tirelessly to keep the residents of Attawapiskat out of harm's way.”

Donna Cansfield

Minister of Natural Resources



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