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Ontario Fights Hate Crime And Supports Victims

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Ontario Fights Hate Crime And Supports Victims

McGuinty Government Supporting Community Projects

Ministry of the Solicitor General

Fighting hate crime and making victims safer are the goals of more than $1.4 million in new projects funded by the province.

The projects will:

  • Better monitor high-risk offenders
  • Help to provide faster, more effective notification of offenders' whereabouts to victims
  • Educate the public on signs of racism
  • Work to prevent hatred and intolerance in all its forms.
Eight projects will share $875,000 under Ontario's Victim Safety Project - an 18-month, $4.5-million joint initiative between the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services and the Ministry of the Attorney General.

Ontario is also providing almost $580,000 under its Safer and Vital Communities grant program to community-based, not-for-profit organizations and First Nations Chiefs and Band Councils. This year's grants are dedicated to addressing racism and hate crime. Grants in previous years have addressed youth crime, drug and alcohol abuse and elder abuse.

Quick Facts

  • Under Canada's Criminal Code, any crime can be considered a hate crime if it is motivated by hate or bias.
  • A 2004 report by the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics (http://www.statcan.ca/english/freepub/85-557-XIE/85-557-XIE2002001.pdf) found that 57 per cent of hate crimes were motivated by race or ethnicity.
  • Studies have estimated that the economic cost of violent crime to the health-care system, criminal justice, social services and in lost productivity is in the billions of dollars.

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“Hate crimes and racism have no place in our society. We're helping community groups to work closely with police and youth leaders to eliminate hate crimes and racism in Ontario.”

Rick Bartolucci

Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services

“I am pleased to support the Victim Safety Project, which will provide services and safety planning to victims of crime, to help protect them in their everyday lives.”

Chris Bentley

Attorney General



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