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Modern Police facilities for Southwestern Ontario

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Modern Police facilities for Southwestern Ontario


Ministry of the Solicitor General

Many existing Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) facilities are beyond their useful life (40-50 years) and were not designed to meet current program, security and adequacy requirements. The McGuinty government is making significant investments to replace or upgrade facilities for front-line police officers to reflect Ontario's changing demographics, increased standards and new technological requirements.


This project is part of the overall strategy to enhance and use state-of-the-art technologies to collect and process forensic evidence in an environment that protects front-line personnel. The strategy consolidates and reduces the number of forensic identification units from 16 to 13. The Tillsonburg unit is an amalgamation of two units previously located in OPP detachments in London and Simcoe.
OPP forensic identification units are responsible for crime scene management and for evidence processing in support of the investigation and prosecution of crimes. Forensic identification unit members collect evidence at crime scenes and then transport it to the unit facility where it is further examined and processed for additional evidentiary information, such as fingerprints, footwear and tire impressions, as well as trace evidence, such as blood, hair and fibres. The integrity and continuity of this evidence is paramount from the time it is collected to the time it is presented in court.

The new building, consisting of 13,000-square-feet of combined office, laboratory and garage space, incorporates many of the latest technologies available to apprehend and convict offenders.

The facility:
  • Contains state-of-the-art evidence-processing rooms with a specially constructed heating, ventilation and air conditioning system to minimize health risks from harmful pathogens and chemical agents.
  • Incorporates rooms to facilitate the simultaneous examination of forensic evidence from single or multiple crime scenes.
The total project cost was $5.4 million.



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