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More Police For Ontario Communities

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More Police For Ontario Communities

McGuinty Government Uses Federal Funding To Improve Community Safety

Ontario's share of the federal Police Officers Recruitment Fund (http://www.publicsafety.gc.ca/media/nr/2008/nr20080314-2-eng.aspx) will put up to 329 new police officers in Ontario communities.

The province will receive $156 million in federal funding over five years to hire more officers as its share of the federal commitment of $400 million for all of Canada.

Under the province's plan:

  • $78 million will go to employing 125 new Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) officers
  • $58 million will help municipal police services hire up to 164 new officers
  • $20 million will fund 40 new police officers for First Nations police services.
In 2006, the federal government pledged to put 2500 new officers on Canadian streets. Ontario will continue to urge the federal government for its fair share of funding.

Quick Facts

  • The McGuinty government has committed to permanent funding of more than $68 million annually, to help municipalities employ more than 2,000 police officers.
  • Last year, the McGuinty government announced an increase of 200 additional officers for the OPP to keep Ontario communities safe.

Background Information


“We will continue to lobby the federal government to fully fund the additional police officers and to make the funding permanent. In the meantime we will use the limited funds to increase the number of OPP officers, help municipal police services hire more officers and address the special needs of First Nations police services.”

Rick Bartolucci

Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services



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