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Better Monitoring Of Sex Offenders

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Better Monitoring Of Sex Offenders

McGuinty Government Amends Christopher's Law To Improve Community Safety

Ministry of the Solicitor General

Starting today, changes to Ontario's Sex Offender Registry will enable police to better monitor sex offenders and keep Ontario communities safer.

Under the amendments to Christopher's Law, sex offenders will be required to register if they are:

  • Serving an intermittent sentence (e.g., on weekends)
  • Released on a temporary absence pass
  • Found not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder and are released on a day pass
  • Released on bail pending an appeal.
    The new measures were introduced in response to the December 2007 Report of the Auditor General into the Ontario Sex Offender Registry.

Ontario established the registry in 2001 when Christopher's Law came into force, requiring convicted sex offenders to register with their local police.

Quick Facts

  • Ontario has one of the highest compliance rates of all sex offender registries. More than 96 per cent of registered sex offenders in the community are compliant.
  • As of November 28, 2008, there were 8,513 registered sex offenders in the community on the Ontario Sex Offender Registry.

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“Although we already lead the way in Canada, we are making the sex offender registry an even more effective tool to help police prevent, investigate and solve sex crimes and keep our communities safe. These new provisions will help police better monitor offenders who are in the community before completing their sentence.”

Rick Bartolucci

Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services



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