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Ontario To Introduce Cross-Border Policing Legislation

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Ontario To Introduce Cross-Border Policing Legislation

McGuinty Government Taking Steps To Improve Community Safety, Reduce Crime

Ministry of the Solicitor General

Ontario intends to introduce legislation this afternoon that would, if passed, give police officers from other provinces and territories the powers needed to continue their investigations in the province.

Quebec is expected to introduce similar legislation this fall, following the signing earlier this month of an agreement between the two provinces on the issue.

Cross-border policing legislation, if passed, would help improve community safety by:

  • Making it easier to investigate crime that occurs across jurisdictions in Canada.
  • Enhancing coordinated investigations.
  • Providing greater accountability and oversight for police officers from other provinces or territories operating in Ontario.
  • Enabling officials designated by the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services to grant full police powers to out-of-province police officers whose superiors request that they be allowed to conduct police business in Ontario.
  • Creating a streamlined and efficient system for enabling police to continue their investigations outside their home province.

Quick Facts

  • The proposed legislation is based on the Uniform Law Conference of Canada's model for cross-border policing. The model serves as an example for Canadian jurisdictions to follow when drafting cross-border policing legislation.
  • Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have already enacted similar legislation.


“Crime knows no boundaries. If passed, this legislation would enhance community safety by providing a seamless approach for law enforcement and by giving police the powers needed to pursue investigations, even across provincial borders.”

Rick Bartolucci

Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services

“The proposed legislation would assist Ontario police services to work closely with our policing partners in Quebec to keep our communities safer. Law enforcement organizations in Ontario already work across jurisdictional lines to fight crime. We need to also work across provincial borders to be as effective as possible in preventing and addressing crimes.”

Chief Daniel Parkinson

President of the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police

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