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Ontario Sets New Standards For Taser Use

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Ontario Sets New Standards For Taser Use

McGuinty Government Acts on Recommendations of CEW Review

Ministry of the Solicitor General

Ontario has introduced new guideline and training standards for police officers authorized to use conducted energy weapons (CEW), commonly known as Tasers.

Based on recommendations from the Conducted Energy Weapons Review, these new standards set out procedures to be followed by police officers authorized to use Tasers, including: circumstances and restrictions for use, post-deployment procedures, medical considerations and accountability.

Police will begin implementing the new guideline and user training provisions immediately and the Ontario Police College is expected to begin enhanced training for CEW instructors by summer 2010.

Quick Facts

  • Tasers are hand-held weapons that enable police officers to subdue violent individuals by delivering an electrical charge through a pair of wires propelled by compressed nitrogen that temporarily incapacitates the individual.
  • In Ontario, the use of Tasers is restricted to tactical/hostage rescue units, preliminary perimeter control and containment teams, and frontline supervisors.
  • The Conducted Energy Weapons Review examined a number of issues involving the use of Tasers, including precautionary measures, training requirements and reporting procedures.

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“Ontario's new training standards are consistent with our government's long-standing, measured approach with respect to Tasers. When used appropriately, these weapons remain an effective option for police services in carrying out their responsibilities and protecting our communities.”

Rick Bartolucci

Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services

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