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Ontario's New Standards For Taser Use

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Ontario's New Standards For Taser Use

Ministry of the Solicitor General

Ontario has taken a measured approach in introducing a new guideline and training standards for police officers authorized to use Tasers.

  • Previously, the province relied on the training that was delivered by the manufacturer to ensure officers were using Tasers appropriately and effectively.
  • In 2008, the province ordered a study to examine policy, operational and training issues involving the use of Tasers including precautionary measures, training requirements and reporting procedures. The ministry and its policing partners conducted the study.
  • New guideline and training standards are based on recommendations from the Conducted Energy Weapons Review.
  • Ontario's policing partners support the new guideline and training standards, and police services will begin implementing the provisions immediately.
Guideline The new guideline sets out procedures to be followed by authorized police officers and includes circumstances for use, restrictions on use, post-deployment procedures, medical considerations, equipment control and reporting mechanisms. It reflects current best practices and takes into account recent research and studies on Tasers. Training standards New training standards address the training of both Taser users and instructors. Training includes academic, proficiency and judgement-based components as well as assessment tools.
  • Over the next few months the Ontario Police College will introduce enhanced training for instructors.
  • All trainers will be provided with a manual and assessment tools to further ensure consistency and standardized training across the province.
  • Ontario will continue to monitor the use of Tasers in consultation with police partners and other relevant experts.