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Preparing for the Impact of Hurricane Sandy

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Preparing for the Impact of Hurricane Sandy

McGuinty Government Encouraging Ontarians to Be Prepared

Ministry of the Solicitor General

The McGuinty Government is advising Ontarians to prepare for the potential impact of Hurricane Sandy, which is expected to affect Ontario over the next few days. High winds and heavy rainfall are forecasted, which could result in flooding, road closures and power outages.

Ontario's Cabinet Committee on Emergency Management has met and been briefed on the current situation. The committee has been informed that the impact on Ontario is expected to be significantly less than forecasted for the north-eastern United States. However, officials are continuing to monitor the situation closely and are ready to respond.

In addition to tuning in to television and radio and signing up for Emergency Alerts, Ontarians are encouraged to have a 72-hour survival kit, containing all the food, water and other necessities their family needs for three days.

For information on how to prepare visit www.ontario.ca/sandy. There you will find Emergency Management Ontario's updates, as well as information and links on: current weather conditions, local and provincial flooding, where to report a power outage, and road conditions and closures.

Quick Facts

  • Environment Canada forecasts that wind gusts in parts of Southern Ontario may reach 100 km/h Monday evening.
  • A number of local and provincial flood statements and watches have been issued, with warnings of potential flooding and higher risks around waterways.
  • The Cabinet Committee on Emergency Management works with the Premier’s Office, Cabinet Office, other affected ministries and Emergency Management Ontario to develop detailed plans for continued operations and constitutional governance in Ontario in the event of an emergency affecting Ontario.

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“It’s important that Ontarians take action to ensure their own safety and the safety of their loved ones. They should also stay informed and monitor weather updates. Provincial officials are actively monitoring the situation and will keep Ontarians informed.”

Madeleine Meilleur

Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services

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