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Statement by Minister Naqvi on National Peacekeepers' Day

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Statement by Minister Naqvi on National Peacekeepers' Day

Ministry of the Solicitor General

Yasir Naqvi, Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services, released the following statement on National Peacekeepers' Day:

"Today, we recognize and honour the contribution of the province's community safety professionals who are serving or have served on international peacekeeping missions. It is only fitting that we recognize their sacrifice and dedication on National Peacekeepers' Day.

Every year, August 9 marks National Peacekeepers' Day. The date was chosen to honour and remember the nine Canadian peacekeepers who died on this day in 1974 when their aircraft was shot down by missiles over Syria.

Since 1956, when peacekeeping missions began, hundreds of officers from the Ontario Provincial Police, municipal police services and correctional services have worked alongside members of the military around the world, maintaining safety and stability in troubled regions.

Their commitment and professionalism help restore peace following conflict. They do so at great sacrifice, spending long months away from their family and friends.

National Peacekeepers' Day is a time to express our gratitude to these Ontarians for their dedication and contribution to making the world a safer place."

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