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Backgrounder - Proceeds of Crime Front Line Policing Grants


Backgrounder - Proceeds of Crime Front Line Policing Grants

The Proceeds of Crime Front Line Policing grant is supported with funds forfeited to the province as proceeds of crime following criminal prosecutions. It is available to police services and helps to fund police crime prevention, community safety and well-being initiatives in the community. 

This year the province is providing $2.3 Million to 25 projects across the province:

Brantford Police Service

The Crisis Table

$49,500 is being provided to the Collaborative Risk Identified Situations Intervention Strategy (CRISIS) Table, which brings together community groups, municipal and health agencies, working with the police to help individuals dealing with a crisis and help reduce their risk of offending or being victimized.


Brantford Police Service

Safe Brantford

Safe Brantford is a community safety and well-being initiative involving school boards, community groups and First Nations to help children and families from disadvantaged neighbourhoods. The focus will be on mental health, addictions and education.



Chatham-Kent Police Service

Community Mobilization Strategy

A network of 23 agencies from diverse sectors is working on a risk-driven approach to improve community safety and well-being. Police will focus on three areas in the region to foster better relations with the community, liaise with local social services groups and help reduce crime.



Durham Regional Police Service

Front-line Senior Response Coordinator

This program will help meet the needs of seniors experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, physical, sexual, emotional and/or financial abuse or neglect. The Front-line Senior Response Coordinator will respond to calls for assistance from police or referrals from the Elder Abuse Advisor or other agencies to conduct personal social support assessments to connect seniors to relevant community agencies.



Greater Sudbury Police Service


This program will develop a Community Safety and Well-being Plan. The plan will engage others in addressing the social determinants of health; investing in crime prevention through social development; and preventing or mitigating risk situations through early identification, effective information sharing and collaborative interventions.



Guelph Police Service

Crime Prevention Through Community Collaboration

This initiative aims to reduce crime by addressing the needs of local repeat offenders. Participating organizations will work together to address the risk factors that increase the likelihood of re-offending, and thus reduce demand on local service agencies, reduce crime and increase community safety.



Halton Regional Police

Ontario Working Group for Collaborative Risk Driven Community Safety and Wellbeing

The program will establish a centre of expertise that brings together experts (police services, provincial and municipal governments, and community agencies and partners) to develop risk-based collaboration models and tools. This centre can be used by communities across the province, to help set up community safety and well-being planning frameworks in their respective areas.



Halton Regional Police


This project provides a Regional COMMANDE Coordinator, localized training and the maintenance of a website created for the COMMANDE program and related community wellness initiatives. Through the use of a paid Community Engagement Specialist, the Service will promote greater awareness of local services, foster positive working relationships, increase regional capacity to address risk and to identify localized leadership to champion the collaborative pursuit of safety and well-being.



Lac Seul Police Service

Youth Engagement and Empowerment

This police initiative, in partnership with various agencies and organizations that work with youth, aims to provide a multidisciplinary approach to prevent crime. It focuses on social development, situational crime prevention and opportunity reduction and internet proofing projects.



Nishnawbe Aski Police Service

Community Mobilization Youth Officer

This position would reinforce current partnerships and build new relationships to benefit all, especially youth in the Nishnawbe Aski Nations communities. It will also develop new programs to address youth involvement with alcohol and domestic violence.



North Bay Police Service


This project will expand the capacity of the existing Community Mobilization North Bay (CMNB) with the formation of the Centre of Responsibility to further enhance community safety and well-being.



OPP - City of Pembroke

Project Community Watchdog

This program will install digital video monitoring security systems in ten selected locations in the downtown core. At no cost to the business community it will encourage businesses to work with the community to prevent crime.



OPP - Greater Napanee

Youth Education & Awareness Program

This is an outreach program to promote education and programs available in the community to youth between the ages of 8-14. This pilot project will also identify children and youth at high risk for committing crime in the future and collaborate across multiple sectors (education, social services, health, police, etc.) to identify and establish the supports and services needed by these individual youth.



OPP - Marathon Detachment

Building Bridges to Community Wellness and Crime Prevention

This pilot project will identify children and youth within the community at high risk for committing crime in the future and, with the assistance of a contract case manager, work with multiple sectors (education, social services, health, police, etc.) to identify and establish the supports and services needed by these individual youth.



OPP - Town of Petawawa


This is a 21st-century version of a Neighborhood Watch. Residents of the Town who register on the "E-Policing" website will receive periodic emails each week on crimes, updates on arrests and safety tips for the community. It proposes to bring information on criminal activity into the homes and businesses in Petawawa.



OPP - Upper Ottawa Valley

Reduce Domestic Violence

This project will enhance police response to domestic violence through enhanced mental health training for police, in-house counselling for victims and accused and community engagement and mobilization.




Child Abuse Prevention through Community Mobilization

The program aims to prevent child abuse through Community Mobilization and Social Development, in partnership with the Child Advocacy Centre of Simcoe/Muskoka, the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, Georgian College and other community stakeholders.



Peel Regional Police

Youth Cyber Safety Academy

The Youth Cyber Safety Academy invites grade 5 students from the Region of Peel to engage in a "hands-on" interactive computer lab, focusing on two main aspects of Internet Safety: personal safety and social responsibility. Each 'cadet' will take a pledge to be a responsible and respectful citizen online.



Rama Police Service

Community Mobilization Action Committee

The project will mobilize the community and prevent crime through joint planning and integrated service delivery efforts of a multidisciplinary Community Mobilization Action Committee (CMAC) involving the Rama Police Service, community organizations, leaders and Elders.  The CMAC will identify local community leaders that can serve as role models and champions to promote crime prevention initiatives and projects that address the precursors to crime.



Sault Ste Marie Police Service

Gore Albert Neighbour Resource Centre

The Neighbourhood Resource Centre project in the Gore and Albert St. catchment area will work with collaborating partners to engage the community in developing problem solving initiatives, crime prevention measures and community led safety initiatives.



Toronto Police Service


FOCUS aims to reduce and/or prevent incidents of crime and disorder through a multi-agency intervention that addresses the onset of criminal and anti-social behaviour.  Individuals, families or groups in identified neighbourhoods who suffer from acutely elevated levels of risk are offered an immediate and integrated intervention from agencies capable of responding to their needs.



Toronto Police Service

Somali Community Outreach Initiative - Phase II

The Somali Community Outreach Initiative - Phase II will assign dedicated and highly qualified police and community resources to predominantly Somali neighbourhoods which have experienced extensive violent crime. This year, the concept will also incorporate a youth empowerment aspect by tackling issues concerning Somali youth.



Waterloo Regional Police Service

Academic Evaluation of Situation Tables

This project aims to develop, and implement a regional evaluation strategy for the HUB model and to develop, implement, and evaluate a second Kitchener-Waterloo Hub Table.  This work could also inform a provincial evaluation strategy for the model in the future.



Waterloo Regional Police Service

Kitchener Waterloo (K-W) Hub Mobilization Project

The K-W Hub Mobilization Project mobilizes service providers to provide integrated responses to situations facing individuals and/or families at risk. The project will hire a coordinator/systems navigator to identify, track and evaluate resources available from service providers in Kitchener-Waterloo.



Windsor Police Service 

Youth Empowerment & Safety Initiative

The Windsor Police Service Youth Empowerment and Safety Initiative (YES!) will promote safety awareness, healthy relationships and positive decision making skills/techniques in youth and their families. The project will also train police officers in crime prevention


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