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Ontario Training 144 New Correctional Officers

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Ontario Training 144 New Correctional Officers

Province Has Hired 571 New Correctional Officers Since 2013

Ministry of the Solicitor General

Ontario has begun training 144 new correctional officers to increase staffing levels at the province's correctional facilities, enhance program delivery and improve staff and inmate safety.

These new recruits are part of the largest class ever to enter the Ontario Correctional Services College. Recruits will complete an eight week comprehensive program, which includes mental health training, inmate management techniques and a thorough assessment and evaluation. Graduates who successfully complete the program will be deployed to provincial institutions across the province, beginning in March.

Adding new correctional officers and upgrading correctional facilities across Ontario is a key part of the province's transformation of Ontario's correctional system to increase staff and inmate safety, enhance mental health supports, improve rehabilitation and reintegration programs, and break the cycle of reoffending to build safer communities.

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“It is my pleasure to welcome these 144 new correctional officers, the largest class of recruits ever to enter the Ontario Correctional Services College, who will further build on the 571 new correctional officers our government has hired and trained since 2013. They are a vital part of the work that is underway to transform our correctional system and I want to thank them for choosing a career dedicated to public service and helping to keep our communities safe.”

Yasir Naqvi

Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services

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