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Ontario Appoints Independent Street Checks Reviewer

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Ontario Appoints Independent Street Checks Reviewer

Review Will Help Ensure Regulation Supports Public Safety, Protects Human Rights

Ministry of the Solicitor General

Ontario has appointed the Honourable Michael Tulloch, a judge of the Ontario Court of Appeal, to lead an independent review of the implementation of the regulation introduced last year on the arbitrary collection of identifying information by police, also referred to as carding or street checks.

Justice Tulloch will make recommendations on all aspects of the use of carding or street checks, and whether options exist to improve the implementation of the regulation, focussing on:

  • The consistent application of the regulation without bias or discrimination
  • Compliance by police officers and chiefs of police when applying the regulation
  • Challenges encountered in applying the regulation
  • The appropriateness of the accountability and oversight mechanisms of the regulation
  • Whether additional changes are necessary to improve the practice of street checks, or whether street checks are still necessary in today's policing practices.

Justice Tulloch will also work in consultation with Ontario's Anti-Racism Directorate to examine whether the continued use of street checks by police services and the regulation properly reflects the government's plan to eliminate systemic racism. His final report will be made public by January 1, 2019.

Supporting safe, healthy communities is part of the government's plan to create a fair and inclusive society, and to help people in their everyday lives.

Quick Facts

  • Justice Tulloch has been a sitting judge with the Ontario Court of Appeal since 2012. Previously, he was a judge with the Superior Court of Justice, appointed in 2003.
  • In April 2017, Justice Tulloch provided the government with recommendations on ways to enhance the transparency and accountability of the province’s three police oversight bodies: the Special Investigations Unit, the Office of the Independent Police Review Director, and the Ontario Civilian Police Commission.
  • Read about the rules for police that apply when collecting identifying info in some situations: ontario.ca/streetchecks.

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“Our government is committed to building safer communities and protecting individual rights – and that is what the regulation on street checks was designed to do. Justice Tulloch’s review will help the government ensure this regulation is contributing to our vision of a fairer, safer Ontario.”

Marie-France Lalonde

Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services

“I am honoured to have been asked by the Ontario government to undertake this Independent Review. The issues involved are important to all Ontarians, and I commit to approach this new task with the same level of objectivity and judicial fairness with which I bring to all my judicial duties.”

Honourable Michael Tulloch

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