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Improving Safety and Security in Ontario's Correctional Institutions

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Improving Safety and Security in Ontario's Correctional Institutions

Province to Increase Crisis Intervention Staff in the North

Ministry of the Solicitor General

The Ontario Government is improving safety and increasing security by adding capacity to the Institutional Crisis Intervention Teams (ICIT) in the province's Northern adult correctional institutions. Ontario continues to take action to make the adult correctional system safer for staff, with a focus on their well-being and public safety.

By the end of 2019, the Thunder Bay Jail and Correctional Centre, Kenora Jail and Monteith Correctional Complex will each have their ICIT complement increased by three members, bringing the total combined number of ICIT members to 36 for these institutions.

"We are taking real action to modernize our correctional facilities and to introduce cutting edge interventions that prioritize staff and public safety. Our government is prioritizing what matters most after 15 years of neglect from the previous government," said Sylvia Jones, Solicitor General. "With an increasingly complex and diverse inmate profile as well as rising instances of inmate on staff violence, it is critical that we work directly with our frontline staff to find solutions that work to keep them safe."

ICITs are responsible for controlling violent or potentially violent inmates as well as removing and escorting these inmates within the institution or transferring them to another institution. Due to the vast distance between adult correctional facilities in the North and the potential need for this specialized skillset, these institutions will benefit from the ability to call on an additional team when necessary.

"I have seen an ICIT demonstration firsthand when I visited the Ontario Police College in Aylmer earlier this month. I am incredibly impressed with how these teams operate and how valuable they are as a critical resource within institutions as well as their dedication and commitment to public service," said Jones. "The safety of our frontline staff is my number one priority in our correctional system and the expansion of our Institutional Crisis Intervention Teams is just one example of how we are keeping staff safe."

 "I am happy to hear that we are increasing capacity for ICITs in the North where we face unique challenges," said Greg Rickford, Minister of Energy, Northern Development and Mines, and Indigenous Affairs. "ICITs are one of the ways our government is improving safety and security in institutions across the province."

Quick Facts

  • There are 69 ICITs across 23 adult correctional institutions in Ontario. Teams are allotted to institutions based on size, layout, and inmate classification.
  • Each ICIT member is required to successfully complete 10 days of basic training that includes theory concepts, practical skills and scenario-based training on a variety of topics including hostage recovery, cell extraction and use of force concepts.
  • Each year ICIT members must complete four days of recertification training plus 80 hours of scenario-based in-house training.

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