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Ontario Helping Families Seeking To Adopt

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Ontario Helping Families Seeking To Adopt

McGuinty Government Taking Action To Strengthen International Adoption System

Ontario is taking action to support families involved with Imagine Adoption and making changes to strengthen the international adoption system.

The government is supporting the immediate resumption of Imagine Adoption's operations and is providing a six month extension for families involved with the restructured agency whose home studies expire before April 2010.

The government is enhancing the accountability of international adoption agencies by requiring agencies to provide the following as part of the annual licence renewal process, effective immediately:

  • An audited financial statement,
  • An  Annual Report, available to the public, and
  • A report from the Board of Directors that outlines agency operations and activities.

International adoption agencies will also be required to ensure prospective adoptive families understand the licensing process, the roles and responsibilities of licensed agencies, and the financial and other risks associated with international adoption.

The ministry has requested that a working group of licensed agencies examine ways to establish an insurance plan to protect prospective parents in the event of an agency's collapse.

Quick Facts

  • Thirty-eight of the 47 children who were matched to Canadian families and living in the transition home in Ethiopia have returned to Canada with their adoptive families.
  • Sixteen international adoption agencies and one individual are currently licensed under the Intercountry Adoption Act, 1998 by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services to facilitate international adoptions.
  • Since 2000, an estimated 6,900 Ontario families have had home studies for international adoption approved by the ministry.

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“I'm very pleased that many families involved with Imagine Adoption will be able to continue their adoptions. We're taking steps now to ensure that families seeking to adopt internationally - an already lengthy and emotional process - are better informed and protected.”

Deb Matthews

Minister of Children and Youth Services

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