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Improving Conditions At New Youth Facility

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Improving Conditions At New Youth Facility

McGuinty Government Implementing Plan To Strengthen Roy McMurtry Youth Centre

Ontario has been taking action to address concerns about youth safety and procedures at the new Roy McMurtry Youth Centre in Brampton, which opened this past summer.

Actions already taken include:

  • Increasing management presence to support the supervision of youth and staff
  • Hiring and training 34 new youth officers, with an additional 11 new youth officers expected to start work in January 2010
  • Ensuring that new staff are trained to work specifically with youth
  • Reviewing the staffing model to ensure that there is a sufficient level of staff to meet the comprehensive needs of youth at the facility
  • Addressing specific concerns raised by the youth, such as the need for lower lighting at night and adequate heating levels
  • Conducting unit by unit assessments to ensure there is greater consistency in how the various individual units within the facility are managed.

The 192-bed facility will continue to be monitored to make sure that staffing, procedures and programs are in place to protect the health, safety and well-being of all youth and staff.

Quick Facts

  • Programs and services offered at the centre include: academic and certificate education programs; pathways to employment; vocational and skills training; counselling, health care, spiritual guidance and rehabilitation programs.

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“Youth in custody and detention have very different needs from adults. We created this centre with the vision of rehabilitating young people so they don't re-offend and are better-prepared to make the right choices and a positive contribution to society. We will continue to assess and make improvements so this state-of-the-art centre is a place we can be proud of.”

Laurel Broten

Minister of Children and Youth Services

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