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Protecting Critical Services At Children's Aid Societies

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Protecting Critical Services At Children's Aid Societies

McGuinty Government Enhances Support For Children and Youth

Ontario is ensuring children and youth will continue to receive the critical services, support and protection provided by Ontario's children's aid societies (CASs).

The government is providing $26.9 million in one-time funding to CASs with the most immediate financial challenges as the Commission to Promote Sustainable Child Welfare works with the child welfare sector and the government in an effort to:

  • Strengthen service delivery,
  • Promote financial sustainability, and
  • Improve outcomes for the children, youth and families who receive child protection services.

This additional funding includes $2.5 million for Aboriginal CASs, in recognition of the unique challenges that Aboriginal children and youth face.

Quick Facts

  • Ontario is spending more than $1.4 billion this year in child protection services.
  • Over the last decade, expenditures to CASs have increased by almost $1 billion, outpacing service volume increases.
  • As a result of improvements within Ontario's child protection system, children's aid societies are seeing fewer children and youth in care (foster and group homes) and more young people succeeding in permanent homes.

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“Young people receiving the support and protection of children's aid societies are some of the most vulnerable children and youth in our province and we are committed to keeping them safe. This funding will ensure that CASs continue to provide critical services as they work with the Commission and my ministry to find solutions that are focused on better outcomes for kids.”

Laurel Broten

Minister of Children and Youth Services

“This support is appreciated and will be an important step in meeting the urgent need for funding stability in child welfare”

Jeanette Lewis

Executive Director, Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies



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