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Support For Ontario's Appointment Of An Aboriginal Advisor

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Support For Ontario's Appointment Of An Aboriginal Advisor

"Today's announcement demonstrates a real and timely response from the McGuinty government in resolving some longstanding issues. It is no doubt a step in the right direction that will hopefully make a real difference for Aboriginal children."
- Kenn Richard, Executive Director, Native Child and Family Services of Toronto

"Urban Aboriginal children and youth face unique circumstances and a focused, dedicated partnership with service providers to work to better coordinate services for Aboriginal kids is necessary. The announcement of John Beaucage as the Minister of Children and Youth Services' Aboriginal Advisor will help us work toward this goal."
-           Sylvia Maracle, Executive Director, Ontario Indian Friendship Centres

"Given the disproportionately high number of Aboriginal children in care and the challenges faced by northern First Nations, I am very pleased that the Minister has chosen to appoint an Aboriginal Advisor to focus on these complex and critically important issues. This is long overdue, and is a step in the right direction to help find solutions for children and communities in the North."
-           Michael Hardy, Executive Director, Tikinagan Children's Aid Society

"I welcome the appointment of John Beaucage and believe that his years of experience in First Nations leadership will provide the Minister with a better understanding of the challenges faced by First Nation communities in northern Ontario. I hope this will help strengthen our relationship as we continue to work to address the challenges faced by child welfare agencies in Nishnawbe Aski Nation territory."
-           Terry Waboose, Deputy Grand Chief, Nishnawbe Aski Nation

"I am pleased to see that Minister Broten has appointed an Aboriginal Advisor.  It is my hope that Métis specific issues and concerns will be more fully considered and addressed."
-           Gary Lipinski, President, Métis Nation of Ontario

"The Ontario Native Women's Association is extending our congratulations to Mr. John Beaucage in his new role as the Aboriginal Advisor to the Minister of Children and Youth Services.  This is an important first step for the ministry as service needs are significantly increasing.  Mr. Beaucage's career focus has been to strengthen Aboriginal communities by empowering youth through unity with pride.  He has been supportive of the initiatives and programs developed by Anishinaabe women that include delivery of culturally appropriate services for our Elders, women and children.  We look forward to working with the ministry in developing increased community services to address the needs identified through recent community consultations."
-           Dawn Harvard, President, Ontario Native Women's Association

"First Nation leaders have long advocated for an independent process to review the impact that the Child and Family Services Act has had on our communities and families and it seems that we have been granted the beginnings of that today. It's a good start. John's awareness, knowledge and experience bring immediate credibility to the process. I think it was an excellent choice."
-           Grand Chief Randall Phillips, Chiefs of Ontario



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