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Summer Job Programs Help At-Risk Youth

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Summer Job Programs Help At-Risk Youth


Launched in 2006, Ontario's Youth Opportunities Strategy is designed to help disadvantaged youth and youth in priority communities build confidence, learn new skills and gain valuable work experience.

The strategy includes summer employment programs, year-round outreach workers, a school-based prevention/diversion program and a youth-focused website, youthconnect.ca.

Summer Jobs for Youth

The program will provide approximately 4,300 young people ages 15 to 18 with job skills and experience in July and August. It includes six weeks of employment plus one week to learn about resumes, interviews and other useful life skills.

Youth in Policing Initiative

More than 300 youth will have a chance to work with police services boards across the province.  The eight-week program strengthens relationships between youth and their local police.  It also encourages young people to think about policing as a future career.

Participants ages 14 to 17 will work in a variety of areas, including information technology, forensic identification, community events and traffic safety.

Youth Outreach Workers

Outreach workers work year-round as mentors and advocates for hard-to-reach youth.  Outreach workers meet youth in the places they hang out to make sure they know about the wide range of programs and services available to them. The workers also encourage young people to get involved in positive projects in their community.

School-Based Prevention/Diversion Program

The School-Based Prevention/Diversion Program is a partnership among schools, local community groups and police. The program helps high school students younger than 18 years of age - who are at risk of becoming involved or are already involved in violent and/or offending activity - increase their chances of success in school.


Youthconnect.ca is an Ontario government website aimed at young people looking for help.  It is a one-stop source for useful information and government services for all youth.

The youth-friendly site features links to questions about health, education, getting a job, bullying, getting involved in the community and other sources of help.



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